No Consensus On Extent Of Radiation That Can Cause Diseases

Nearly one in every 10 patients visiting AIIMS' eye OPD these days complains of watery eyes, a condition caused by the rising air pollution in the city.

New Delhi: The under-reporting of dengue cases, highlighted in the CAG report—carried in TOI on Monday—is merely a symptom of the chronic illness Delhi's government and civic bodies suffer from.

There is further bad news for Delhi, reeling under rising cases of chikanguniya and dengue: the worst could be yet to come, warn doctors.

City hospitals are swamped with patients suffering from fever, most of them down with the mosquito-borne dengue and chikungunya.

The repeated failure of civic bodies to prevent mosquito breeding in the city has led to a spurt in diseases like chikungunya and dengue.

Pre-monsoon showers may have given Delhiites the much-needed relief from heat and humidity, but they have also revived the fear of a spike in dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases, which are lin

A study by the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at IIT Delhi, which looked at exposure to PM 2.5 and premature deaths caused by the particulate matter pollution, has revealed that Kinnaur in Himacha

NEW DELHI: It's not just the heart and lungs that air pollution knocks out of shape. Doctors in the city are reporting an increase in eye-related complaints arising from pollution.

New Delhi: A study has concluded that nearly one out of every four dengue patients (23.2%) administered platelet transfusion during the 2013 outbreak at AIIMS did not need it.