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The court was hearing four petitions, which alleged that electro-magnetic radiation, generated by mobile towers, adversely affect the health and well being of humans and other living beings.

Justice Jawad Rahim, acting chairperson of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), raised the issue of the pollution due to electromagnetic radiations emanating from mobile towers.

DONA PAULA: Taking a dig at those opposing mobile towers on the issue of radiation, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar countered saying that those opposing towers are moving with the mobile, which in

No Consensus On Extent Of Radiation That Can Cause Diseases

Anti-radiation activists fighting a battle against unregulated mushrooming of mobile phone towers in the city say the Supreme Court order to shut down one such tower in Gwalior has given their camp

First In Country To Be Closed On Individual's Plea

Leading doctors and telecom expertsdiscussed scientific facts pertaining to electromagnetic radio frequency (EMF) here yesterday.

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone Bench, Chennai) in the matter of Dhayalam Charitable Society & Others Vs Ministry of Communication and Information & Others dated 05/02/2016 regarding construction of cell phone towers in residential areas.

Applications are dismissed holding that the Tribunal has no jurisdiction to entertain these applications.

There is no exact co-relation between mobile tower radiations and health of wildlife even as there are indications that Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) affect their biological system, Environment

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Impact of electromagnetic waves on insects and birds, 30/11/2015. The Ministry has issued an advisory on use of Mobile Towers to minimize their impact on wildlife including birds and bees vide Office Memorandum dated 9th August 2012. The contents of the advisory are given in the Annexure-1.