The Ministry of Food Processing Industries have stated that they are concerned with formulation and implementation of the policies and plans for the food processing industry sector within the overall national priorities and objectives.

The Codex basic texts on food hygiene lay a firm foundation for understanding how rules and regulations on food hygiene are developed and applied. The General Principles of Food Hygiene cover hygiene practices from primary production through to final consumption, highlighting the key hygiene controls at each stage.

This paper addressing food irradiation is one in a series published by the Grocery Manufacturers Association to evaluate and explore the science behind some of the most talked about food-related issues of importance to consumers and policymakers. The Grocery Manufacturers Association represents the world

Australia is regretting buying a pig in a poke. A large quantity of peat moss it had imported from Russia has been found to be dusted with irradiated caesium (a soft, silver-white element of the