New Delhi: The municipal corporation came up with fresh figures on dengue cases on Thursday, two days after TOI reported about gross underreporting of the cases in the capital.

New Delhi: The spurt in dengue cases in the city has sent the demand for platelets—a human blood component which is the mainstay for treatment in severe cases—soaring.

New Delhi: The municipal corporations’ claims about the dengue outbreak being ‘under control’ could be a result of inefficient collection of patient data from hospitals.

New Delhi: In another proof that worsening air quality in Indian cities is affecting people’s health, a study has found that Indians have 30% lower lung function as compared to Europeans.

New Delhi: Delhi is witnessing a sudden outbreak of dengue cases.

Dengue cases have risen alarmingly across the country this year, with data showing an 80% rise in the disease till July 31 as compared to the same period last year.

Iron deficiency is not found only in the malnourished.

The World Health Organization has, for the first time in 40 years, issued interim guidance for the use of a new Tuberculosis drug — Bedaquiline.

New Delhi:As many as 247 people died due to dengue in India last year. Latest data on the disease prevalence released by the health ministry also shows a significant rise in the incidence of dengue — from 18,860 cases in year 2011 to 49,606 in 2012. About 1,700 dengue cases were reported from Delhi and four people died due to the disease last year.

Scientists say dengue is becoming hyper-endemic — a term used when different strains circulate together or coexist. This means that a person who has got infected with one kind of virus can still get infected by another serotype because he is not exposed to it; thus causing more cases.

New Delhi: The death of a student in UK reportedly due to weight-loss pills has led to serious concerns about substance abuse. Doctors say the practice is common among youngsters in India too.