There is presence of highly toxic flame retardants chemicals in children’s toys and related products made from recycled plastics generated from e-waste, said a global study.

The world's largest toymaker is to build a new Sustainable Materials Centre in its search for more environmentally-friendly materials to be used in its products and packaging.

Priority for Indian manufacturers is quality and not price

Nearly 300 organised players in India’s toy industry are witnessing a rise in business following a growing awareness of the ill effects of toxic toys , according to industry players.

The Prime Minister’s Office directed stakeholders on Tuesday to ban the import of toys without labels providing details on the manufactured goods and develop a standard for the toxics used in the i

Over 50 percent of the toys sold in the market contain toxics that pose a serious threat to children’s health, a report has revealed.

Man-made chemicals in everyday products are likely to be at least the partial cause of a global surge in birth deformities, hormonal cancers and psychiatric diseases, a U.N.-sponsored research team

Hasbro, the second largest American toy company, today announced a new packaging policy that excludes the use of fiber produced via destruction of rainforests, reports Greenpeace.

They'll no longer be wrapping their dolls and their toys in rainforest destruction... This is a huge win ­­ Rold Skar spokesman, Greenpeace

“The department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) is ready to come up with guidelines for the industry in a month or two. We are trying to create awareness among small manufacturers of this unorganised sector now. We have already urged all our 600-odd members to adopt non-toxic materials only, and if possible, to recycle toys too,” said Raj Kumar, president of the Toy Association of India (TAI).

Greenpeace said on Wednesday it had evidence that Barbie doll packaging comes from Indonesian rainforests, accusing toy manufacturers such as Mattel and Walt Disney Co of contributing to the country's rapid deforestation.

On Tuesday, Greenpeace activists dressed as Ken dolls abseiled down the side of Mattel headquarters near Los Angeles to unfurl a banner saying Barbie packaging contributes to