Indonesian police carrying out an environmental crackdown in the main tin producing region of Bangka island, should stop targeting small-scale miners as it is hindering domestic smelters' supplies,

Greenpeace said on Wednesday it had evidence that Barbie doll packaging comes from Indonesian rainforests, accusing toy manufacturers such as Mattel and Walt Disney Co of contributing to the country's rapid deforestation.

On Tuesday, Greenpeace activists dressed as Ken dolls abseiled down the side of Mattel headquarters near Los Angeles to unfurl a banner saying Barbie packaging contributes to

This document is the result of an intensive work of dialogue between the ILC Secretariat and the ILC constituency, especially civil society organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The ILC Secretariat - including the three regional nodes - has facilitated the process, collected contributions, packaged information, and produced the synthesis.

Minor metal lithium is set to charge ahead to become the top material for batteries and vital for electric transport, but supplying any spike in demand could be fraught with difficulties.

Bolivia, a poor but resource-rich country governed for the past three years by leftist Evo Morales, has about 50 percent of the world's lithium deposits at about 5.4 million tonnes.

The current debate over biofuels produced from food crops has pinned a lot of hope on

This paper presents a brief overview of pastoral systems, analyses the rationale behind mobility as a strategy to cope with scarce and variable resource endowment, and finally addresses the rights concerning the access to and the control of resources in the context of climate change.