Although pottery is an age old craft and a rural tradition in India, it continues without any modern technical interventions in tiny segments with outdated and inefficient technologies. This sector has not succeeded in responding to the newer demands of the market as well. Innovative technological inputs are required in improving the throwing wheel involving the technology of modern clay pottery with reduced energy and time consumption and increased speed of operations.

Pottery units, papad -makers, leather workers, furniture makers, even dance bars: Dharavi is a bustling economy now threatened by builder-driven redevelopment

Painter M F Husain's writ runs large in Uttar Pradesh too. Recently, he influenced state chief minister (cm) Mayawati to issue an ecofriendly directive. When the renowned painter met the cm at her

The Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute's Naroda Centre in Gujarat has devised a new process to develop superior black pottery from common clay. Under a project sponsored by the Rural

Development of a low cost kiln for baking pottery in rural areas comes as a boon to those dependent on this ancient craft for a living. At the same time, it reduces pollution considerably

The traditional pottery industry in Aurangabad village in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is not only weathering the onslaught of modernisation but thriving in spite of it.

The Maharashtra government wants to redevelop Dharavi, Mumbai s sprawling slum. But its plan has not taken into account the fact that people not only live but also work in this settlement, something they will not be able to do in the new Dharavi.