Laurie Hyman had a busy time at this month's New York Toy Show, the US industry's biggest annual event, with more than 1,200 exhibitors. Her start-up company, Green Toys, sells toy teacups, bowls and gardening tools that are made in California from recycled plastic milk containers, and sold in boxes made from recycled cardboard. "We're getting a lot of interest - from big retailers, from small retailers, from everyone," she says, showing off a jar holding the white shredded plastic used to make the toys.

The Toxics Link study found high concentrations of lead in all samples of soft toys containing PVC. Even trace amounts of lead are dangerous to children.

A child's tinkertoy was all that the scientists used to explain why cyclists, stilt-walkers as well as drunkards can gain stability while

No Europe wide ban on potentially dangerous chemicals used in plastic toys

Are they safe or are they toxic? The debate continues as the US tries to oppose Europe s efforts to ban toys containing PVC

on behalf of toy companies, the us

Toy-maker Lego is introducing

soft pvc toys for infants release unacceptable quantities of hazardous substances, says a Scientific Committee of the European Union (eu) in Brussels. The Committee states that exposure of babies

A plasticizer is a substance normally incorporated to a PVC resin or some other materials such as paints, to improve some of its properties as flexibility or processability. Phthalates, adipates, phosphates and some others are the main compounds used as plasticizers. Some of these compounds, as bis-(2-ethylhexyl)

Harmful toys that have been withdrawn from European countries are still being sold in Canada