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Shubhrangshu Roy

New Delhi: Taking a privately expressed grouse to the formal level, the Indian climate team on Tuesday officially complained on the first day of the negotiations at Bonn that the negotiating text included elements that would alter the character and content of the international compact

Over the past decade, scholars have begun to develop the discipline of global environmental ethics. In doing so, they have encountered two obstacles. First, much environmentalism cloaks itself in the discourse of prudence and security, and thus, ethical concerns are difficult to identify.

By Paul Krugman

In a way, it was easy to take stands during the Bush years: the Bushies and their allies in Congress were so determined to move the nation in the wrong direction that one could, with a clear conscience, oppose all the administration

The Seeds Bill should be dropped

Govt. urged to withdraw from WTO

SALEM: Tamil Nadu Environment Council (TNEC) has urged that no development work that is detrimental to the environment should be encouraged.

Science features prominently in the manifestos of the main political parties contesting India's month-long general election, which began on 16 April.


Global warming may strike faster than thought

By David Adam, The Guardian
The poll of those who follow global warming most closely exposes a widening gulf between political rhetoric and scientific opinions on climate change.