Leslie Kaufman

Marc Morano does not think global warming is anything to worry about, and he brags about his confrontations with those who do.

A protester opposed to the expansion o f Heathrow Airport threw green liquid at business secretary Peter Mandelson on Friday when he arrived at a meeting in central London.

Live television pictures showed a woman approaching the business secretary shortly after he got out of his car and throwing a cup of green liquid into his face.

For all its economic capacity, population size, and resource base, California remains only one among the 50 United States and, essentially, is a subnational actor attempting to play a role in the climate change policy arena on par with the nation-states of the world. This raises a series of questions about the substance and breadth of the state's new policy and what has motivated it.

Germany is one of the leading countries in Europe, as well as globally, in terms of its renewable energy and climate change policies. The multiple levels of government within the European Union (EU) mean that the German government must interact both with EU institutions (e.g., the Commission, Council, and Parliament) and subnational L

If you want to see where the US is headed on climate change take a look at California. Under Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - whose proactive stance on air pollution is said to have been triggered partly by his son's asthma - the golden state is blazing a trail on greenhouse gas emissions for the next president to follow.

Local democracy is a process whereby local leaders become accountable to citizens and responsive to their needs and aspirations. Environmental laws and interventions can support or undermine local democracy.

As the United States heads for a showdown at the polls, its Canadian neighbour is rushing out its own election

This book explains, clearly and concisely, the science and social science necessary to understand environmental issues, using learning outcomes, text boxes, tables and figures throughout to make complex ideas accessible and relevant. It describes in section one the philosophies, values, politics, and technologies which contribute to the production of environmental issues. It uses cases in section two on climate change, waste, food, and natural hazards to provide detailed illustration and exemplification of the ideas described in section one.

BY JOSEPH COLEMAN,Rusutsu, Japan July 7: Top industrialised nations need to push forward global talks on climate change and demonstrate their commitment to help poorer nations grapple with rising food prices, the UN and World Bank chiefs said on Monday. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank president Robert Zoellick said rich nations need to strengthen their efforts to meet goals for poverty reduction and education because of instability in the world economy.

There are no more soft options on climate change. The two candidates running to be the future president of America realize this better than does George Bush, who even questioned the scientific basis of climate change. In a departure from the present us administration