An accusation that is being made post-Copenhagen is that the major developing countries, China in particular, blocked ambitious emission reduction targets that were offered by the advanced economies.

Philipp Rode, executive director of the Urban Age Programme at the UK

Spread of diseases due to climate change may be preventable WILDLIFE is closely linked to the ecosystems and a slight disturbance can have a major impact on the health of animals. Changes in temperatures and rainfall due to global warming make animals vulnerable to the diseases they contract or transmit. A report by the Wildlife Conservation Society (wcs), a us -based non-profit, lists 12

India-Japan statement on energy efficiency ON SEPTEMBER 17, India and Japan issued a joint statement that threatens to overturn India

India unveils strategy to counter climate change INDIA released its much-anticipated action plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change on June 30, almost a year after it was announced. Coming a week ahead of the G-8 summit, the plan was welcomed by both industry and environment groups, though not without some reservations. The action plan

Abrupt drop in temperatures in 1940s, how accurate? LET"s hear it from sailors of the 1940s. One group collected sea water in buckets and measured the temperature of sea water; the other group measured the temperature of water used for cooling engines. Often, the temperature from buckets was lower since the water cooled a little due to evaporation. The second method yielded a higher

There are no more soft options on climate change. The two candidates running to be the future president of America realize this better than does George Bush, who even questioned the scientific basis of climate change. In a departure from the present us administration

even though the earth is heating up there could be some relief, say recent studies. And we have to thank the Atlantic Ocean for this respite. Researchers at Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences,

Unable to cut down on its coal usage, it seems that the West is looking to burry its co2 emissions underground. The British government, for example, has become zealous about the carbon capture and

until now, it was believed that methane, from cattle dung and paddy cultivation, was the second biggest contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide. A recent review says soot is the second