Following the monsoon failure of 1999 2000, two states Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh launched crash programmes to encourage water harvesting. An appreciable shift, because governments in India have always gone in for high cost, high technology solutions

Report card: The government realised its failures and learned from the civil society. Despite cases of corruption and some errors in planning, the government programme is an achievement
Success level: Good

India wins the battle over basmati. But the war still continues

Report card: A scheme that can help solve the water crisis has become a tool to promote political interests of the ruling party
Success level: Poor

A wrecked foreign vessel, suspected to be carrying toxic waste, has been found near the Banjul port of Gambia. The toxic waste was meant to be dumped in Gambia's waters, the government officials

GOOD NEWS: There is more evidence to show that water harvesting can go a long way in dealing with drought and solving the water crisis, and even governments in India are learning
BAD NEWS: Crash programmes are not the answers by themsel

In the wake of genetically modified food flooding the Indian markets, 25 farmers groups call for a 10 year moratorium on such food

Should Northern groups campaign to stop fossil fuel funding in the South?

japanese whale hunting is undermining international efforts to protect endangered whale species, according to the us . Consequently, the Clinton administration is planning to impose

The un hopes to take a lead in environmental management. Whether it lives up to the challenge or not, is still to be seen