This paper analyses the processes for civil society engagement instituted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the World Bank

Sustainable development depends on intact ecosystems and their services. This is why environmental protection in the context of sustainable development is a key concern in development cooperation.

The Day After Tomorrow

Providing energy to the poor does not make good business. Take electricity. Connecting the 2 billion in the world who do not have access to large fossil fuel powered stations requires large investments in setting up grids. Moreover, the poor are not attra

Should local communities pay for Western notions of global benefit ?

What's wrong with global negotiations today?

The needs of many were once again compromised to accommodate the demands of a powerful few. Given the alarming tilt towards self interest and unilateralism by the rich, will the concerns of poor countries ever be addressed in global negotiations?

IS THE world's environment really in crisisor is thecrisis simply in the imagination of environmental groupsresearchers andthe media? In The Skeptical EnvironmentalistBj

It was neither a victory for the North nor a defeat for the South. Environment took centrestage as the main bargaining chip, but the discussions remained inconclusive. The World Trade Organisation meeting in Doha set the tone for the future of global

Alpine pastures are