Conservation strategy stands on a fork in the road: one leads to animal protection in their natural habitats, or sanctuaries; the other to rearing them in zoos, for eventual release into the wild when conditions permit. Naturalists contend that any other

The Central Public Works Department has banned the use of wood in its construction projects, ignoring the fact that the substitutes are more ecologically harmful and mainly depend on non renewable sources of raw materials

The closure of the Idgah abattoir gets under the skins of meat eaters in the Capital, who have turned into unwilling vegetarians

"CARRYING capacity" is likely to be the Catchphrase of the Year. The term is liberally sprinkled throughout State of the World Report 1994, like some sort of mantra. To illustrate "a breach of

A programme to provide education to the nomadic Gujjars is showing encouraging results and also checking their exploitation

Yes, if the Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration is to be believed.

Reducing vehicular pollution and promoting the automobile industry: the twain shall probably never meet. A UK government survey too, does not green signal any major changes

Certain plant and animal species are being used as "early warning systems" for pollution