The polluted waters of Nairobi rivers may be turning city men, boys, and pigs impotent, suggests several studies from the University of Nairobi.

Kenya is on course to reduce the effects of climate change, the Government has said.

The leaders of Tanzania and Uganda on Saturday laid a foundation stone for the construction of a Sh360.5 billion crude export pipeline that would pump Ugandan oil for international markets.

A new study has highlighted the importance of crowdfunding in raising finance for energy needs around the world.

EAC raises red flag over the continued degradation of region's ecosystem Experts attribute this to human practices and failure to implement environmental laws Increased pollution is threatening the

Village Market will ban the use and distribution of plastic bags by tenants one month ahead of the nationwide Government deadline.

Kenya is the 12th best country in Africa and 92nd in World, according to this year's Good Country Index results released yesterday.

A new 480-kilometre Mombasa-Nairobi electricity line meant to deliver geothermal power to Mombasa has been completed.

Residents of Nairobi should brace themselves for prolonged water-rationing period. The hope of having adequate water lies on the short rains which come in October.

Nearly half of Kenyans are poor and cannot afford a decent lifestyle, according to a new study by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).