Water worth Sh256 million is lost yearly before reaching consumers across the county, according to a new report.

The pastoralists drawn from Laikipia, Samburu and Isiolo counties will cover 240 kilometers journey in a five-day camel caravan to raise awareness on the importance conserving the endangered River

The majority of Kenyans have no spare money left to spend once they have met their essential living expenses such as food, clothing and children’s education.

Fishermen in Mombasa County have demanded that action be taken against developers who have destroyed the Kibarani fishing grounds.

Nicholas Kimetto has maintained that he rightfully owns 43.98 hectares in the Mau Complex.

A deadly disease is threatening to wipe out frogs and toads, a new report has shown.

Radiation from your mobile phone may affect your memory, a worrying new study has revealed.

In summary Families are spending nights in the bush, parents are separated from their children and 15 primary have been closed down But government representatives say the operation has stopped Rich

A grader graveling a section of Nyeri Town dumpsite where the County government want to set up the industrial park .The plans to relocate the dumpsite to Kieni Constituency within the County was me

Alien plants are threatening animals in one of the Kenya's major wildlife reserves, a study has shown.