Heavy air pollution caused by haze and dust particles in Iran's southwestern city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, has surged to 60 times above safe levels, crossing the "hazardous" level, in which th

Kochi: The air in Kerala is much cleaner than many cities in the country, according to the latest Greenpeace India report 'Airpocalypse II', which was released on Monday.

KOLKATA: City residents on Sunday hit the streets to spread awareness on the dangers of Kolkata's declining air quality index.

Moderate annual air quality was recorded at 29 cities, while 13 cities recorded poor annual air quality.

Howrah: The average air quality index (AQI) of Howrah, home to Bengal's administrative headquarters, during the week starting January 15 was found to be worse than Delhi's.

Calcutta: The state government stands accused of sitting for around a year and a half on recommendations on how to curb air pollution filed by an expert committee set up by the National Green Tribu

GURUGRAM: Sunday morning brought something to cheer, as pollution meters showed Gurgaon with the lowest concentration of particulate matter among NCR cities, with PM2.5 level at 90.91 micrograms pe

Gurgaon: The air quality in the city remained in the "poor" category on Wednesday, even as it was an improvement over the "very poor" reported earlier this month.

KOLKATA: The city's air qual-ity index (AQI) finishing ab-ove 450 at 10am, when most of Kolkata's working popula-tion and students are out on the street, has prompted environmentalists and health e

KOLKATA: Air pollution levels shot off the charts in Kolkata early on Tuesday, earning for the city the unenviable distinction of having the most foul air in the world.