NEW DELHI: Pre-monsoon showers have been lashing Delhi for almost a month, but they have little impact on air pollution so far.

GURUGRAM: Once again, the city suffered ignominy as India's most polluted city, with air quality index (AQI) touching 272 points on Monday, which is 60% higher than Delhi's.

According to an analysis of the Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB’s) AQI bulletin archives, there is no data for 17 days — this despite Gurgaon being one of the four places in Haryana where r

GURUGRAM: Even early morning showers and strong winds failed to clean up the air in Gurgaon, which remained the most polluted city in the country again on Monday.

Air quality in the Capital sets off alarm bells, Environment Minister Imran Hussain orders complete ban on burning of garbage

Gurgaon: Wednesday was even more polluted than Diwali with the peak level of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 crossing those of the festive day last year.

The Air Quality Index is calculated with the help of a calculator developed by the Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi.

But Even Though PM 2.5 Level Fell, It Only Meant Delhi's Air Was Less Dirty, Not Clean

Anumita Roychowdhury from the Centre for Science and Environment said, “The Delhi government should take action based on daily air quality levels.

Hourly Ambient Air quality data is being used to calculate air quality index (AQI) by Pollution Control board through its website.