When it receives petitions about violation of environmental laws such as illegal construction in eco-sensitive area.

With over 50% of women suffering from anaemia there is a need to improve nutrition.

The Ig chikungunia blood test will be carried out to if the fever and pain do not subside in two or three days.

Obesity prevalence in women is between 22.8% and 34.8% while it is 23.4% in men.

Experts state that the overall incidence of diarrhea is as high as 30 per cent in the population and deaths are as high as 13 per cent.

The people should begin using paper and jute bags to replace plastic.

1,012 buses are older than 10 years while 127 are above 15 years old.

The Srisailam dam saw a rise in inflows to 2,07,412 cusecs, and the dam received 25 tmc ft in 24 hours till Sunday evening

According to experts, shigella has shown steady trends towards multiple drug resistance.

FSSAI urges restaurants to voluntarily display calories.