Jaques Fresco of Princeton Univer

Those studying tumour cells have no way of knowing all the different mutations that make them divide uncontrollably. Robert Wein

To save the world it may be necessary to create a culture where the humble samosa replaces the mighty burger

S K SINHA national professor at the Water Technology Centre, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, spoke to Manish Tiwari on food security and the future of chemical agriculture in India

Widespread bleaching of corals has been reported in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The US Army has developed a

People suffering from hypertension who lie awake at night may be

Fisherfolk in the Philippines pour drums of poison into the reefs to make fishing easier

Holograms, or three-dimensional (3D) images of objects, are not only attractive to look at but also have remarkable properties. However, the process of making a holographic image is a lengthy one.

Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory have made a thermonuclear fusion reactor that, they claim, can fit on a laboratory bench. The reactor consists of