Authorities in Singapore have said that

Bangladesh is set to notch up two more points to land at number seven by 2010 among the world's most populous countries. The country today holds the ninth position with a population of 124.7

The United Nations General Assembly is holding a special session to draw up a strategy for limiting the world population, keeping in view the sharp divisions that exist on issues such as abortion,

The Kerala High Court has passed an order banning smoking in public places in the state. While responding to a public interest petition, the court directed the district collectors in the state to

Are genetically modified organisms good or bad? The debate continues and more and more people are getting involved on both sides

Chilika, Asia s largest brackish water lake in Orissa, is in the midst of a controversy that refuses to die. At stake is the livelihood of hundreds of fisherfolk and the lake itself. The fisherfolk have launched a movement to fight for their rights. Not

"it's a cruel joke', was the reaction of the noted Gandhian and anti-nuclear activist, Sangamitra Gadekar, when she heard that the Rajasthan Atomic

a crucial breakthrough was made by the forest department in Dehra Dun when they arrested poachers involved in illegal trade in endangered species using fake animal products to mislead

The town of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, looks no different from the nume

Pollution control methods are an investment that ensure long term profits for the corporate sector