The us government is in transition. But why should the rest of the world suffer?

Despite being more expensive than conventionally grown crops, there is a growing preference for organic

Justin Marshall of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, has done the unthinkable. He has taught mantis shrimps to distinguish between cubes painted with different polarisation

In the fight against increasing pollution from vehicular emissions, new alternatives to fossil fuels have emerged. Till recently diesel was considered an environment-friendly fuel. However,

115 nations, 12 dirty chemicals and a compromise that leaves DDT free to further pollute the foodchain

Keeping ones mouth shut? Even the sharks know this, if we are to believe David Sims of the University of Aberdeen in the uk . According to Sims, basking sharks know when to keep their mouth shut,

Coyotes are bird's best friends, according to ecologists who have studied how these animals keep smaller predators such as cats in check. Kevin Crooks of the University of California at Santa Cruz

Women's longevity may depend on the age at which they get pregnant, say Rudi Westendorp of the Netherlands and Thomas Kirkwood of the UK. Those who have their first pregnancy at a late age seem to

Despite physicians being aware of the seriousness of hospital-acquired infections, some of them do not wash their hands between seeing patients, thus helping spread infections. For example, a study

Genes that are