The Madhya Pradesh government has recently sent a letter to the Prime Minister seeking changes in the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. The principal secretary, forests, Madhya Pradesh government, Sudeep Banerjee , spoke to

British researchers have found that magnetic fields reduce the amount of seaweed fouling underwater surfaces. This could help develop an environment friendly antifouling system which is a big problem

To combat air pollution, Hong Kong is going to make some areas of its busy commercial districts into traffic-free zones. Starting from later this year, vehicles will not be allowed to ply in

Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people . Madhya Pradesh takes the lead

Global warming is creating a

Despite its numerous advantages, coloured cotton continues to get a raw deal from government agencies

The Republic of Korea invests in CNG buses

Chile's national environment regulator, Conama, has started public consultations on a bill that seeks to review a 1994 law that regulates vehicular emissions. The bill seeks to update emission

At least 35 beach towns in Costa Rica have got the Bandera Azul award

Measuring the blood sugar level can help physicians predict if a patient is at the risk of developing heart disease. Blood glucose (sugar) might, like cholesterol and blood pressure, be used as an