The cognitive dimension of climate change is a subject that is rarely analysed. However, communities’ endogenous adaptation strategies are heavily dependent on their perception of the risks linked to climate change.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of In re: News item published in Newspaper The Hindu dated 19.03.2023 titled “India’s Sinking Island” dated 08/01/2024.

Billions of people in Asia and the Pacific depend on healthy oceans for their livelihoods, food security, health, and recreation.

This paper provides a comprehensive assessment of the recent and projected socio-economic development of coastal areas. It reviews the environmental pressures exerted by human activities on coastal areas, as well as the impacts of climate change that exacerbate existing challenges.

National governments can spur COVID-19 recovery, achieve shared prosperity and drive climate action through national policies and targeted investments to decarbonise cities and make them more resilient.

This publication brings out broad guidelines for coastal protection projects. Coastal protection project planning and design being an interdisciplinary task, needs inputs from coastal, geotechnical, hydrology, hydraulics, structural, meteorology, economics, environmental, geology, oceanography and other related disciplines.

This report addresses the question of Nigeria's fragile coastal areas. Using a consistent valuation methodology, it estimates the cost of coastal degradation in three Nigerian states: Cross River, Delta and Lagos.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Mehdad & Others Vs Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change & Others dated 28/09/2020. This application was filed by the state of Goa seeking extension of time for finalizing Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP). The matter was getting delayed for a long time. The NGT said that repeated extensions were given earlier.

The court was informed that the delay was due to National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM).

“State of the Coast” is an analytical assessment that uses the latest data to provide a snapshot of current coastal conditions, along with future-facing strategies and opportunities to create a more resilient and healthier coast on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

This paper evaluates whether mangroves can mitigate the impact of hurricanes on economic activity.