The Chinese position

The IPCC report came in for criticism from none other than China, the host of the Shanghai conference. Chinese representatives blamed the forum of ignoring views of scientists who believe global warming is a part of normal climatic fluctuations instead of a consequence of rising carbon dioxide emissions.

"The organisation is supposed to report objectively, but it now tends to fix the conclusion first and then find evidence to support that conclusion,' said Lu Xuedu, a delegate from China's Ministry of Science and Technology. China's contribution has been left out from the report discussing scientific basis of global warming. It has objected to the finding that human activities that result in increase in greenhouse gases (GHGs) leads to warming and climate change.

China ranks second in emission of GHGs and could overtake the US to become the biggest polluter within two to three decades. However, its per capita emissions are very low as compared to the US and other industrialized countries because of its large population.