School children: grounded

"Notices have been sent to parents that April 1, 2001 onwards they would need to arrange for their children getting dropped and picked up from school,' reported Delhi newspapers in January 2001. The Delhi Transport Corporation has already written to schools that it will withdraw services from April 1. Most schools knew about the Supreme Court order but did nothing about it. Some schools tried to get their buses converted. The hurdles were tremendous.

Summer Fields School got a bus converted to CNG in January 2000. The school claims that the motor licensing officer of the transport department refused to register the bus. Other schools, too, have similar complaints. The main problem was the expiry of the provisional certificate obtained by Rare Technologies, the company that converted the bus to CNG. The department is not ready to honour the earlier certificate. The only other company in this field, Nugas, complains that the State Transport Authority isn't registering its buses.