Canada and the European Union silence their cannons in their face off over Atlantic fishing grounds

There are warring theories about the true nature of the virus that swept the coastline

One of the most lucrative pisciculture activities today, shrimp cultivation in India was recently given a devastating body blow by a mysterious lethal virus. Author tracks the beast

"Though the State has an abundance of rivers, ponds and beels, Assam is yet to attain self-sufficiency in fish production.

Its enormous water resources notwithstanding, Assam continues to be a deficit State in fish production. This is a drawback that can be traced to inadequate planning and implementation.

Chandigarh, February 12 Emboldened by its previous success in pisciculture, the Haryana government is planning to bring 20,000 hectares of water area under pisciculture and to produce 90,000 tonnes of fish by stocking 4,000 lakh seed soon. An area of 200 hectares would be renovated under the National Fisheries Development Board, for which the Board had released Rs 24.5 lakh.

Kerala protests SC s ban

When bad management and increasing demand for inland fish led to plummeting stocks, fishing villages around the Ashtamudi estuary in Kollam district, Kerala, have come up with their own solution. Fisherfolk, now earmark a certain area of the estuary to al

In the Indian context, the term deep sea has very little to do with depth. It refers to India s Exclusive Economic Zone: the 188 nautical miles of waters beyond the 12 mile territorial sea. Soon after the declaration of the Indian EEZ in 1976, there we

A revised law of the Thailand government banning the use of fishing gear during the peak breeding season cannot be enforced due to strong opposition from commercial fisherfolk, stated Dhammarong