Visitors to Vrindavan and the fabled land of Lord Krishna, called Braj Bhoomi, are often taken aback by its ramshackle, dirty condition. It has dried up ancient water bodies or kunds, denuded forests and lots of garbage. It also has a dreaded mining mafia running around with dynamite, digging holes and blowing up sacred hills.

To record environmental trends US spy satellites will now be used for monitoring natural phenomena

A third party candidate a renowned green lobbyist has the US ballot watchers in a tizzy over possible outcomes of this year's presidential polls

Canada and the European Union silence their cannons in their face off over Atlantic fishing grounds

The dismantling of the world's 3rd biggest nuclear catch to begin

The United States has had its buccaneering way in the Law of the Sea treaty, angling the proposals on deep seabed mining towards the "free" market and scuttling Third World gains

Increasing incidents of smuggling weapons grade nuclear material have explosive global ramifications

With the Vatican already on the offensive and various unresolved rifts, fireworks are definitely on the agenda of the upcoming population conference in Cairo

The Japanese have refuted Indian press reports that they were satisfied with R&R measures for the Narmada dam project

Irian Jaya, in Indonesia, is witnessing the descretion of its rainforests by a mining firm; an oft repeated story, one would think, but the implications are no less frightening