With the completion of the Paris Agreement in December of last year, the international community fashioned a universal accord on climate change. As a new E3G Report, United We Stand: Reforming the United Nations to Reduce Climate Risk, makes clear, however, Paris is only one part of the equation.

India and Japan have reportedly reached a preliminary understanding to sign a civil nuclear cooperation agreement after certain technical details are finalised. However domestic politics of Japan, anti-nuclear groups and India’s reluctance to join the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty are some of the concerns that would have to be addressed before the deal is finalised.

US president pushed world to secure radioactive materials, but the threat of nuclear warfare — and terrorism — remains.

More than 70 per cent respondents in Uganda, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Peru, Brazil, the Philippines and India said they were more concerned about climate change than economic instability, ISIS and Iran's nuclear programmes.

In this 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative's Nuclear Materials Security Index released by NIT, India has been ranked 23rd out of 25 countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials. India received 41 out of 100 points, thus improving by one point from the 2012 score.

I never thought I’d favor nuclear power. But here it is: I believe nuclear energy is our last best chance to stem the tide of climate change. Time is running out for reversing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning from the fossil fuel age. Nuclear power must occupy a larger share of our energy mix and replace coal-fired power plants. For energy policy, I think “near-term” decisions should still favor: (1) energy efficiency; (2) big wind; and (3) small solar. But nuclear power is going to be needed, too. (Comment)

This IAEA report summarizes nuclear power’s potential role in mitigating global climate change. Also highlights its contribution in addressing development and environment challenges, as well as its current status, including the issues of cost, safety, waste management and nonproliferation.

Talks between Iran and six world powers on its disputed nuclear program failed to produce a breakthrough on Thursday, in an apparent diplomatic setback for both sides.

North Korea has resumed construction of a nuclear reactor that can be used to expand the country’s nuclear weapons program, an American-based institute said Thursday, citing the latest satellite im

North Korea has resumed construction work on an experimental light water reactor (ELWR) in a move that could extend its capacity to produce more material for nuclear weapons, website 38North report