Apart from China's posturing at sea, the proposed nuclear deal between India and Japan is expected to figure prominently during talks between the two countries when Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihik

Australian defence minister Stephen Smith, who had pitched for reversing ruling Labor party's policy on uranium export to India, has ruled out similar treatment to Pakistan, citing its poor prolife

Australia's ruling Labor Party on Sunday endorsed plans to open up uranium sales to India, clearing the way for talks on a bilateral nuclear agreement and resolving an issue that has caused diploma

Ruling Labour Party votes in favour of lifting decades-old ban.

Shanghai claimed this year to be the world’s busiest container handling port. One tradable it doesn’t want mixed into the throughput figures: nuclear and radioactive items.

The Australian Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, today made it clear that she would take forward her proposal to lift ban on uranium sale to India as she met Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, here

The Obama administration pressed Iran to account for a discrepancy of nearly 20 kilograms in its reporting to the United Nations' nuclear agency on how much natural uranium metal it has in its stoc

The United Nations' top nuclear official urged Iran to allow a visit by a high-level delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency to discuss growing evidence that Tehran has been developi

The rules on civil nuclear liability which have been notified by the UPA government may figure during the bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama tomor

Vienna: Iran has worked on developing an atomic bomb design and may still be conducting research relevant for such weapons, the UN nuclear watchdog said in its most detailed and hardest-hitting rep