UN chief Ban Ki-moon has appealed to eight countries, including India, to ratify the CTBT to bring the global nuclear test ban into force.

Promising to provide a level playing field to US companies on civilian nuclear deal, visiting foreign secretary Mr Ranjan Mathai has said India is willing to address their specific concerns within

The Obama administration is reportedly using a secret channel of communication to warn Iran that closing the Straits of Hormuz, through which more than a fifth of sea-borne oil passes, is a “red li

‘Iran is unlikely to decide to dash toward making nuclear weapons as long as its uranium enrichment capability remains as limited as it is today,’ the report said

Iran has taken steps in recent weeks that bring it closer to launching uranium enrichment deep inside a mountain, diplomatic sources say, a move that would worsen its nuclear confrontation with the

Iranian scientists have produced their first nuclear fuel rod, Iran’s nuclear agency said Sunday, another step despite United Nations sanctions and measures by the United States and others to stop

Pakistan and India on Sunday exchanged lists of nuclear installations and facilities, under an agreement to prevent the two nuclear neighbouring countries from attacking each other's nuclear sites.

India and Pakistan on Sunday exchanged lists of their nuclear installations and facilities under a two-decade-old pact prohibiting attacks on atomic assets, days after senior officials of the two s

Claiming that the rules notified by the government for the Civil Nuclear Liability Act have diluted some provisions of the legislation, the CPM has moved amendments to the rules in both the Houses

Notwithstanding the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March this year, the prospects of a civil nuclear accord between India and Japan are bright, according to top diplomatic sources.