However, membership not automatic; a long road of persuading all the members lies ahead.
The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), the world's premier non-proliferation body, has decided to include India's request for membership as a special agenda item when it holds its annual meeting in the third week of June.

This was agreed upon during a meeting on Monday between the Indian delegation led by Fore

Japan will conduct a safety verification exercise before exporting nuclear power equipment. But the move implies

Models show that even a 'small' nuclear war would cause catastrophic climate change. Such findings must inform policy, says Alan Robock.

Despite being in the middle of a nuclear crisis, Japan has decided to carry forward the talks on civil nuclear deal will India, but with a rider: the next round of negotiations will be held only after the safety audit of nuclear plants in both countries.

His party had some days ago pointed out the need for a new debate on nuclear energy in India in the light of the crisis in Japan.

PM in Astana, will meet President Nursultan Nazarbayev today
The Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan is keen to buy small nuclear reactors from India and the two countries propose to carry out a feasibility study in this regard soon.

With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arriving here this evening on a two-day visit to Kazakhstan, the stage is set for inking of an inter-governmental framework ag

In trying to cope with the fallout of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on India

Reassurances from ‘experts’ on the safety of nuclear power will not wash,
says Colin Macilwain. The Fukushima crisis raises genuine questions.

New Delhi: Clouds of radioactive steam over Japan

Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh on Tuesday said that the government should revise India