Crucial for implementing the Indian atomic power programme, the closed nuclear fuel cycle is the future of the global industry, according to a Russian expert.

Hidden from public, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal at Kalpakkam near Chennai, Indian nuclear scientists are in the final throes of starting a high-tech giant stove more than 15 years in the mak

Ghana, Wednesday, made a giant step towards its nuclear agenda when it received the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Report (INIR) from a team of experts from the International Atomic Energ

Kenya has been listed among 30 nuclear electricity newcomer countries that will benefit from a Sh380 million infrastructure development kitty.

The objective of the integrated nuclear infrastructure review is to assist Member States in determining the status of development of their nuclear power infrastructure compared to the relevant Milestone.

MUMBAI: Russia has invited India to join in developing next-generation nuclear reactors and to participate in its fast-reactor research project, an official of Rosatom, the country's state atomic e

Countries battling the Zika virus should consider new ways to curb disease-carrying mosquitoes, including testing the release of genetically modified insects and bacteria that stop their eggs hatch

The upcoming UN climate change conference should consider the role of nuclear of power in producing electricity with low environmental impact, according to Yukio Amano, Director General of the Inte

An 11-member team of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency, who have been in Nairobi for a feasibility study on critical areas of the energy source, has given an initial green-light.

An increase in thyroid cancer among children is unlikely after the meltdown at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant four years ago, but it remains unclear exactly how much radiation children in the vici