NEW DELHI, 30 AUG: Parliament today passed a Bill that prohibits transfer of specified toxic chemicals from and to a country which is not party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) may have sold off land contaminated with chemical weapons and radioactive material buried at an RAF base in North-East Scotland, according to reports.

The Government has approved the formation of a national centre for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials (CBRN) to manage disasters involving these substances.

CHENNAI: Four nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) reconnaissance vehicles, fitted with several sensors, for monitoring areas contaminated by the use of nuclear and chemical warfare agents were handed over to the Army in Pune on Tuesday.


Chemical warfare agents (CWA) represent environmental legacy contaminants as production and subsequent dumping of CWA typically occurred decades ago.

The chemical weapons could be deliverable by artillery or missile to cause massive civilian casualties in South Korea
North Korea is thought to have 13 types of viruses and germs which can be used in biological weapons, as well as up to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons, South Korea's defence ministry said on Monday.

June 30: The Krishna water supply pipeline, water treatment plant and pump houses that supply drinking water to Hyderabad, will now be guarded by the Special Protection Force.

The Regional Summit of the National Authorities and Parliamentarians in Asia on the National Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention will be held in Sri Lanka this year with the participation of 30 countries in the region.
The authorities are due to meet at the Colombo Hilton for the summit on August 25 and 26, Government sources said.

In an important development, the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has chosen at least two chemical producing companies where they will be sending chemical engineers and chemists from African countries to get formal training in handling chemicals used for making chemical weapons.

Lithuania is up in arms against a recent gas pipeline agreement between Germany and Russia. The pipeline under the Baltic Sea would disturb stockpiles of Hitler's chemical weapons lying on the bed of