National Green Tribunal is hearing a case filed by Him Jagriti Uttaranchal Welfare Society

Various symptoms exhibited by residents of Ambapada and Chereshwar in Chembur, including skin and eye irritation, breathlessness, choking sensation in the chest and frequent sneezing, match the lis

The government on Thursday formed a panel of four ministers on setting up a national regulator for the environment.

The government on Thursday decided to institute a committee of four ministers to prepare a framework for creating an independent environmental regulatory authority to monitor the compliance of gree

Contending that cost of urea production needs to be kept under check and so should the subsidy burden, the ministry of fertiliser has asked the petroleum ministry to continue providing natural gas

The National Green Tribunal has issued notices to the department of chemicals and petrochemicals and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (Tidco) to give clarification on the status of

The government plans to introduce safety rating system for chemical plants in India will minimises accidents and increase productivity, if implemented in right spirit

Chemical industry involves handling of hazardous substances, which if not handled as per prescribed guidelines can lead to disaster. While there are many regulations (pertaining to safety, environment, handling, manufacturing, etc) for the chemical industry in the country, there is no mechanism by which one can know the level of safety preparedness of the manufacturing unit.

Standing Committee on Chemicals and Fertilizers present this Thirty-Ninth Report on the subject 'Pricing of Fertilizers' of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (Department of Fertilizers).

Gjarat govt has assured Centre that these areas have compiled with environmental guidelines

Standing Committee on Chemicals and Fertilizers (2012-13), present this Thirty-Sixth Report on the subject 'Production and Availability of Pesticides' of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals).