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Efforts to create an even cleaner Seychelles have kicked into high gear after a country-wide ban on common plastic items went into effect over the weekend.

The countdown is on until Kenya's national ban on plastic bags takes effect, with retailers across the country instructed to be ready to comply with the new law when it goes into force on 28 August

The East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) has been commended for banning plastic bags.

Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has approved eco-friendly materials to be used as alternative packaging to plastic bags.

A caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene

Environment secretary Judi Wakhungu has announced a looming ban on use of plastic bottles to curb environmental pollution.

The sight of overflowing heaps of plastic waste at Gioto, the largest dump in Nakuru County, in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, was an eyesore that turned photojournalist James Waikibia into an environm

RABAT, Morocco - Moroccan authorities have seized more than 420 tonnes of plastic bags in the year since the entry into force of a law prohibiting their use, the government said Wednesday.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards will cancel licences for companies manufacturing plastic bags ahead of the ban on September 1.

While circulation of plastic bags for secondary packaging in Kenya is expected to cease in August, consumers are already looking forward to adoptable alternative befitting their daily activities.