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Environ, a group for environmental management for sustainable development, has appealed to all sections of people – especially the puja committees – to ensure celebration of an environment-friendly

This Gandhi Jayanti, senior citizens of the city would wage a peaceful fight against one of major pollutants of present time - polythene.

The afternoon sun was blazing down, but that did not deter trucks packed with gulaal-smeared faces to make a beeline at Kalindi Kunj ghat so that Ganesha idols could be immersed in the Yamuna.

The 5p charge on plastic bags to be introduced in October faces accusations that it will confuse customers - and doubtless lead to arguments at the checkout.

Stakeholders in the Plastic Industry have agreed that effective November 1, all light plastic materials will be discarded from the system.

Nearly two-thirds of shoppers believe biodegradable and recyclable bags should be exempt from the levy being introduced this autumn.

Vice Chairman of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Investment and Trade, Senator Mohsin Aziz hailed the provincial government decision regarding imposition of ban on manufacturing and use of polythene sh

The Mauritanian parliament late on Tuesday approved a new draft bill penalizing the manufacture, importation, distribution, marketing and use of flexible plastic bags, reliable sources in Nouakchot

KATHMANDU, AUG 04 - The government has decided to strictly reinforce the ban on polythene bags undertaken about three months ago, less than two weeks before the Great Earthquake struck the nation o

The biggest advanced economies are meeting in Berlin this week to agree on concrete measures to reduce masses of plastic waste clogging the world’s oceans.