A poisonous gas accident in Guangzhou city prompted the Chinese government on June 28, 2005, to call for Japan's urgent action to destroy the chemical weapons its army left behind in China during

Imagine us soldiers sacking rival towns while their opponents canoodle with each other. Does sound bizarre. But classified documents reveal that the Pentagon considered developing a host of

Multiple vaccinations torment US soldiers after the Iraq war

for the first time, it has been found that depleted uranium (du) used during the Bosnia and Herzegovina conflicts of 1994-95 has contaminated local water sources. Furthermore, the highly radioactive

Vo Quy is semi retired, but still officially heads the Center for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies at the University of Hanoi in Vietnam. Vietnam s leading ecologist, he has played an instrumental role in

The French interior ministry has reported that traces of the

A coalition of a dozen environmental and citizens groups in the us has filed a lawsuit trying to halt a new chemical weapons incinerator scheduled to be fired up at the Anniston Army Depot, in

The residents of Vieques, a Puerto Rican island, have achieved a landmark victory in a long-standing dispute about the us navy's activities on their island. The us navy uses Vieques to

India successfully tests the Agni II missile

Defence officials postpone missile testing to encourage nesting of the Olive Ridley turtles in Orissa