Citing its growth and huge energy requirements, India today pressed Australia to reverse the policy of not selling uranium to it, even as authorities here insisted they would not budge from their stand on the issue.

External affairs minister Mr SM Krishna, who is here on a three-day visit, met Australia's resource, energy and tourism minister Mr Martin Ferguson and renewed India's long-standing

HAND-IN-HAND: U.S. President Barack Obama with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after a joint news conference at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi on Monday.

New Delhi: The United States has become the first nuclear weapons state (NWS) as defined by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to endorse the idea of talks between the five NWSs and the three nuclear-armed nations outside the NPT, i.e.

Bringing to bear his political weight amid, so far, unsuccessful efforts at the official level to bridge differences on a range of critical issues, US President Barack Obama is learnt to have written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh conveying America

THE UPA leadership has ruled out any reworking of the civil nuclear liability law passed by the Parliament.

With Japan playing hard ball in the negotiations on the civil nuclear deal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said he would not "force" it on Tokyo as he recognises its sensitivity on the subject.

However, Dr Singh, who is here on a two-day visit, said he would like Japanese firms to participate in expansion of India's nuclear industry.

"We would hope that Japan will be India's partner

This paper argues that the limit of conventional non-proliferation policy analysis is marked by the inability to come to terms with the ambivalence of nuclear power.

More than 100 cold-war era research reactors run on uranium pure enough to be used in a nuclear weapon. But switching to safer fuel isn't easy.

WASHINGTON, 5 OCT: American companies are unlikely to engage in nuclear trade with India till it becomes a signatory to an international convention on nuclear damage that among its provisions puts the onus of compensation on the state in case of an accident, a Congressional report has said.

Ananth Krishnan

BEIJING: The announcement from China's biggest nuclear power firm that it was in talks to set up a one-gigawatt plant in Pakistan underscores the rising overseas ambitions of China's nuclear power industry, say analysts.

Following an unprecedented expansion since 2005, and with more than 28 power reactors slated to be built in China within the next 10 years, Chinese firms are