Australia's ruling Labor Party on Sunday endorsed plans to open up uranium sales to India, clearing the way for talks on a bilateral nuclear agreement and resolving an issue that has caused diploma

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard introduced her government's controversial carbon tax plans into parliament on Tuesday, a third attempt to legislate a price on pollution.

Australia's parliament endorsed the world's first national scheme that regulates the creation and trade of carbon credits from farming and forestry on Monday, to complement government plans to put

Australia's government will be asked to exempt farmers from carbon trading in order to pass landmark emissions laws through parliament under changes being pushed by opposition lawmakers on Wednesday.

Australia's opposition rolled out what it said was a cheaper and greener plan to cut carbon emissions on Monday, just days before it was expected to vote down the government's stalled carbon trade legislation.

Australian plans for a sweeping carbon trade scheme opened new divisions within the opposition parties on Friday, boosting hopes Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will win approval for his plan and avoid a possible snap election.

Australia's landmark carbon trade scheme, being watched around the world in the lead up to global climate talks in December, hit a political roadblock on Thursday when parliament delayed a vote on the plan until August.

Divisions between Australia's mining and manufacturing sectors emerged on Friday over Australia's emissions trading scheme (ETS) and the need to pass enabling laws this year to give business more certainty.

Australia's Greens called for a quick parliamentary vote to defeat government plans for carbon trading on Monday, a move that could make the issue a trigger for an early general election.

Australia's coal and gas producers, including miner Rio Tinto Ltd, said the government must give more assistance to major emitting export industries, and to increase the number of free carbon pollution permits.