Despite a dramatic growth in certified fisheries, the Marine Stewardship Council has not been able to convincingly prove that it has reversed the overexploitation of global fisheries.

After a gap of 40 years the International Labour Organisation has adopted a new labour instrument

The European Community

The 1991 Coastal Regulation Zone Notification is to be replaced by rules based on a new concept called the Coastal Management Zone. This article, after discussing the proposed CMZ notification, points out several problem areas, particularly, for traditional fishing communities. The article also discusses ideas to address these issues.

The traditional stake-net fishers of the ecologically sensitive Jambudwip island face a likely ban of their seasonal fisheries.

A United Nations conference reveals the sense of desperate urgency concerning the oceans' rapidly depleting fish stocks

In the Indian context, the term deep sea has very little to do with depth. It refers to India s Exclusive Economic Zone: the 188 nautical miles of waters beyond the 12 mile territorial sea. Soon after the declaration of the Indian EEZ in 1976, there we