the United Progressive Alliance government has come up with a watered-down draft of a national rehabilitation policy after dumping an earlier version prepared by the National Advisory Council (nac)

the Justice B P Jeevan Reddy Report reviewing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (afspa), 1958, has recommended repealing the act. But, it has also said that parts of the act be included in the

A full-page advertisement on September 20 announced a ceasefire of sorts between Arunachal Pradesh and the Union government. The state government will sign memoranda of understanding (mou) with big

Four environmental activists sit with me in room 122 of Hotel Imphal. "How can we get information from the state?' one asks. Do they expect an answer because I work for a Delhi-based environmental

International financial institutions (ifis) avoid investing in troubled states. It just doesn't make good business sense. Then why do ifis such as the Asian Development Bank (adb) and the World Bank

Uttaranchal s pastoralists discuss depleting pasturelands

Alternative rehab policy lost in a maze of committees

JPC suggestions go beyond forest rights paradigm

Arunachal turns to private Players for hydel power

India loses Myanmar s natural gas to China, well almost