The Government of Meghalaya on February 13, 2024, notified the Meghalaya Waterbodies (Conservation and Protection) Amendment Guidelines 2023 to amend the Meghalaya Waterbodies (Preservation and Conservation) Guidelines, 2023.

The Government of Meghalaya on April 11, 2023, notified the Meghalaya Epidemic Diseases Malaria Regulation, 2023. The following has been stated- Powers and Functions of the Inspecting Officer are mentioned. Preparation of blood slides for each fever case is specified.

The Government of Meghalaya on July 4, 2022 has issued Meghalaya Minor Minerals Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2022 to further amend the Meghalaya Minor Minerals Concession Rules, 2016. This has come into force on July 4, 2022.

The Mining and Geological Department of Meghalaya on March 24, 2022 has issued the Meghalaya Minerals (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Transportation and Storage) Rules, 2022.

In a move to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, the Meghalaya government has announced Electric Vehicle Policy 2021. Its key goal, the policy document elucidates, intends to ensure 15 percent share for electric vehicles in the state by 2025.

The Meghalaya Cabinet has approved a draft water policy to address water usages, issues of conservation and protection of water sources in the State on July 12.

In order to exercise the powers conferred under Section 22 of the Meghalaya Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014, Government of Meghalaya publish the following draft Rules inviting public comments and suggestions.

This Integrated State Water Policy of Meghalaya intends to “achieve sustainable development, management and use of Meghalaya’s water resources with community participation to improve health and livelihoods, reduce vulnerability while assuring good governance for present and future generations”.

A Bill to provide for the establishment of institutional mechanism for effective management, protection, conservation, development, equitable, distribution, regulation, conjunctive judicious and efficient use of the state water resources with the objective to ensure water, food and ecological security, thus ensuring sustainability of water res

The problem of Child Labour poses a challenge before the State. Child Labour is a social malady and a major obstacle which deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, causing great harm to their physical and mental development.