African Union malaria status report 2022

This report highlights the ongoing challenges in the fight against malaria in Africa and the urgent need for strong political commitment and leadership, robust partnership, and increased investments from Member States to reach the goal of eliminating malaria in Africa by 2030. Since 2000, malaria incidence and mortality have declined by 37% and 59%, respectively. As a result, 1.5 billion malaria cases and 10.6 million malaria deaths have been averted over the past two decades in Africa. However, according to the report, progress against malaria remains stalled for the last few years. Most Member States are off-track to achieving the African Union's bold and ambitious targets to defeat malaria by 2030. In 2021, Africa continued to bear the highest malaria burden, with 96% of all malaria cases (238 million cases) and 98% of all malaria deaths (603,877 deaths) occurring in Africa in 2021. Nearly 77% of malaria deaths were among children under 5. This burden undermines our collective social and economic development efforts and is a barrier to achieving the objectives of Agenda 2063 for socio-economic transformation.