Talk about good governance, ensuring energy, water and food security

Years from now, Quebec’s Minister of International Relations Jean-Francois Lisee would like to tell his children: “We did everything we could. We tried to lead by example and if anyone should be blamed it should be someone else.” Speaking at the 13th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit on Thursday, Mr. Lisee was referring to the efforts made by the province of Quebec to hold on to its status of a ‘green province’ – which has so far checked the emission standards of cars, launched a carbon trading system and in future hopes to electrify its transport system.

Says pressure on natural resources real challenge in pursuit of economic growth

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today pitched for transparent regulatory regimes to ensure that environmental and economic objectives are pursued in tandem. Stressing that protection of the environment and promoting development need not amount to a zero sum game, Singh said what is required is regulatory regimes that are transparent, accountable and subject to oversight and monitoring.

India and the European Union have signed a Rs 80-crore (about €12-million) agreement to recycle industrial and domestic waste water to provide water for irrigation purposes.

Championing the cause of all coal bearing states, which have been demanding allocation of a portion of the power produced by the thermal projects coming up their respective states free of cost, the Odisha government has urged the Planning Commission to take a call on the issue at the earliest.

Odisha had demanded 25 per cent free power from coal-based project while its claim for such largesse from the plants based on coal washery rejects was pegged at 33 per cent.

Expansion of existing blocks was held up for environmental clearance, new blocks were either unexplored or partially explored

A Yale Foundation study has found that Indians understand and respond to the idea of climate change affecting their lives and their future prospects, and have faith in science to tackle it.

JAIPUR: Around 22 representatives from 18 countries gathered at an organic farm, nearly 22 km from Jaipur on Sikar Road, to share their experiences on climate change and sustainability.

Forest governance is identified as critical to the success of REDD+. Implementation of robust REDD+ strategy is possible through Community Based Forest Governance.

The objective of this paper is to examine the methodological issues such as scale, baseline reference, measuring, monitoring, and verifications of the REDD+