‘Complexities of forest fires need to be understood and managed better’

Every public action and policy must be judged through the lens of transparency, equality, participatory democracy and its impact on those who are vulnerable, deprived and marginalised as well as on

India has some of the largest roosting sites of this migratory species.

This is the worst flooding in Mumbai since 2005

Environmentalists and forest rights experts from across the country have recently filed an appeal with the petitions committee of the Rajya Sabha to halt any expenditure from compensatory afforesta

One third of what Bengaluru now is actually the catchment area of Vrishabhavathi river, which flows southwest for about 50 km before joining Arkavathi river.

Experts call for appropriate pricing of water in cities to prevent wastage

Muhamma grama panchayat to implement scheme through schools in November

KOCHI: Experts on wetland conservation have dubbed the Draft Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2016, brought in by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), as ineffective f

PUNE: India ranks among the top ten species rich nations in the world and is known for its rich biological diversity and high endemism.