BENGALURU: Copious pre-monsoon rain has reduced the risk of forest fires in the state this summer.

NEW DELHI: Indian scientists have formulated an ayurvedic drug to cure dengue, claimed to be the first in the world, and the medicine is likely to be available in the market by 2019.

BENGALURU: India has one doctor for every 921 people, as of December 2017, which is way ahead of the doctor-population ratio of 1:1000 prescribed by the World Health Organisation.

BENGALURU: A seven-year-old boy from C V Raman Nagar, suffering from cough, running nose and sneezing for months on end was advised by his physician to undergo an allergy test.

BENGALURU: It’s not just the mercury that’s soaring, mosquito menace in the city is on the rise too, say Bengalureans.

Bengaluru: With Kyasanur Forest Disease, widely known as monkey fever, spreading in Goa and Kerala, Bengaluru-based Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals (IAHVB) — the only lab in t

BENGALURU: The bio-park of Bangalore University’s Jnanabharathi campus lost 36 sandalwood trees in slightly more than a year, a reply to an RTI query has revealed.

BENGALURU: Last year, a guard in Bandipur died in a forest fire.

BENGALURU: Air quality in 11 cities and towns in Karnataka has been deteriorating, thanks to the increasing number of vehicles and unscientific waste management.

BENGALURU: The fire-spitting Bellandur Lake has once again brought into focus the plight of the city's other waterbodies like Varthur Lake which are equally polluted.