The Government of Sikkim on June 22, 2023, notified Sikkim Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) (Repealing) Act, 2023. The following has been stated- The Sikkim Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 1997 is hereby repealed..

Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department of the State Government has formulated the Sikkim Biodiversity Action Plan with the objective of preserving the State’s natural and cultural heritage.

Climate change is emerging as a new challenge that governments have to address effectively. Mountain regions are facing accelerating climate change, thereby adversely impacting ecosystems services, biodiversity elements and livelihood security.

The Government of Sikkim addresses ecotourism as a priority sector and therefore, the the state government has developed this policy with an aim to not only to ensure sustainable livelihood of the local people but to protect and manage forest, as well.

The Biodiversity of Sikkim faces a number of threats due to biotic as well as abiotic factors. It is essential to identify these factors so that the remedial measures can be taken to strengthen the conservation and management of biological diversity in the state.

The book comprises large number of articles based on years of in-depth research in the state by scholars who are affiliated to premier research institutes.

The main objectives of Sikkim Ecotourism Policy are.

The government of Sikkim, has taken a very systematic and proactive approach towards the formulation of the state action plan to address climate change. First, a High Level Coordination Committee was formulated with secretaries of

Sikkim, one of the smallest state of the country with a total geographical of areas of 7096 km also harbors some such sacred areas with religious and/or historical background.  There area sacred groves reported in all part of the state.  All the sacred groves are attached to the local monasteries (Gumpas), dedicated to the deities and managed by the Gumpa authority or Lamas, or often

The sectoral vision in the forestry and environment sector till 2015 has been framed. The underlying theme of forestry would be the scientific management of forests for biodiversity conservation and for the benefit of Sikkimese people.