Tourism in the State of Sikkim is growing at a rapid pace in a very well thought of and planned manner. Sikkim now has become one of the best sought after hill destinations at the global level . The leadership is very committed and the State Government has been very effective and successful in educating and guiding the people regarding tourism on the basic principle of Sustainable Development.

This report presented by Dept. of Science & Technology, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok at " Glaciers, climate change and livelihood summit" on 29-30 October 2009 at Shimla.

Sikkim is facing great challenge to protect the natural resource from land degradation and erosion. The whole state of Sikkim is hilly and cris-crossed by number of streams. Soil erosion is one of the major problems. The hills of Sikkim mainly consist of gneissose and half-schistose rocks, making their soil brown clay, and generally poor and shallow.