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JAIPUR: The declaration of the Ganges river dolphin as India

The first meeting of the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) on Monday failed to agree on the sharing of costs, required to launch a fresh mission to clean up Ganga by 2020, between central and state governments. In an impromptu decision, however, the Authority decided that the endangered Gangetic dolphin will be India

ALARMED over the sharp drop in the number of freshwater dolphins surviving in river systems across the country, the Manmohan Singh government, acting on a proposal made by Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, on Monday declared dolphins as a national aquatic animal.

Prime Minister Mmanmohan Singh chaired the first meeting of recentlyset up National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) on Monday, where it was decided to declare dolphins as a national aquatic animal.
Dolphins in the country are on the brink of extinction.
The Centre also decided to spend additional Rs 1,5000 crores to make the river pollution free within the next ten year.

The rare Arakan forest turtle, once thought to be extinct, has been rediscovered in a remote forest in Myanmar, researchers said Monday. A Texas researcher, Steven Platt, and staff of the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society discovered five of the brown-and-tan-spotted turtles in May during a survey of wildlife in the Rakhine Yoma Elephant Sanctuary.

Ukrainian customs said Monday its officers had seized 250 tortoises that a passenger had tried to smuggle across the former Soviet republic's eastern border aboard a sleeper train.

JOWAI: Concerned over the illegal killing of fish in rivers in Saipung area, the Jaintia Youth Federation, Saipung Circle in its Circle Executive Council held recently decided to ban the use of dynamites and any other chemicals in the rivers for killing fish.

The JYF-Saipung Circle has also warned any individual or group of persons who failed to abide by the prohibition.

Canada threatened on Friday to take trade action against the European Union if it banned seal product imports.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day said unless the EU allowed an exception for humanely harvested seal products, it would launch a World Trade Organisation action against any ban on trade in seal products.

JOWAI: With a view to protect aquatic life in the Myntang river within the area of Mooshrot village and its surroundings in Jaintia Hills, the District Magistrate, Sanjay Goyal has under section 144 CrPC prohibited the undertaking of any kind of activities which may endanger aquatic life by way of poisoning and on the pretext of certain festivals.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can compare costs with benefits to determine the technology that must be used at power plant water-cooling structures, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in a setback for those seeking greater protection for aquatic life.