A four-decade-old conservation project has enabled the return of Mahseer in Indrayani river.

NAGPUR: Taking cognizance of the alarming decline in the population of Mahseer, an endangered fish species, Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, has supplied 10,000 healthy Mahseer

Every November angling enthusiasts journey to three fishing camps on the banks of the Cauvery river near the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. The trip for them is an annual pilgrimage. The anglers come to pit their wits against India's mighty fish, the mahseer. This tiger fish is angled on a ‘catch-and-release' basis.

Ravinder Sood
Golden Mahseer, which was categorised as an endangered species by the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (NBFGR), Lucknow, in 1992, has been fast disappearing from the state.