In a clear case of discrimination, the Ludhiana administration has taken action against dairy farmers for polluting Budda Nullah but spared the industry, which is the major contributor towards the wat

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Recently the banks of river Gomti in Lucknow were unusually abuzz. Some people were struggling to wade through the sewage enriched river to scoop up thousands of dead fish; the bystanders looked on, probably contemplating the peril their city s lifeline

Where gentle persuasion fails, shock therapy works. In an attempt to wean diners off shark fin soup, Singapore-based environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is planning to put up

Marine organisms like bivalves hold cures for viral diseases

Thousands of sea snails are dying along a beach in Bangladesh. This has caused a stomach-churning stench, that is repelling tourists. Tourism officials said snails were washing up along a wide

Slimefrom snails and other aquatic organisms can help clean up toxic metals from water

THE West Bengal government is planning to build a multi-layered underground aquarium and an exhibition centre at Victoria square. The project has already been cleared by the Calcutta Municipal

The Indian Star Tortoise (Gekoche) lone elegans) is being sold openly India and international trade in the endangered species is thriving. Listed in the Convention on International Trade in

Sea turtles have the remarkable ability to identify their geographical location in magnetic terms, and use this knowledge to move in consciously desired directions